Eco-Friendly Anti Stink Leashes and Collars

Odor resistant? Waterproof? Reflective? Eco-friendly? Durable? Stylish? Handcrafted?! Do we even need to continue? 

CycleDog dog leashes and collars are the Earth loving outdoorsy type's dream! Made with recycled bike tubing, this leash is anti-stink with MAX Reflective technology, and includes a bottle opening tag holder!

Why We Love It:

Made in USA. Waterproof, no stink upcycled backing is sustainable and eco-friendly. Bottle Opener dog leash/collar is always ready with pup top bottle opener accessory attachment for pickup bags and led lighting. 1000 times less bacterial growth than standard nylon leashes means no odor, even after hours of wet walks. Guaranteed fun, safe, tough.